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Data Analysis


Working from raw basic data, data analysis enables to create several extraction types, and to compare crew rosters between planned (scheduled data), operations regulated (rescheduled data) and really executed (realised data) activities, both flights and ground duties. Data analysis also provides with qualitatives and quantitatives data on crew members ressources management, and on their rosters legality compliance.

Operational Robustness
General indicators
Ressource Management
Regulations Compliance
Fatigue Management
What if ?

and Training


A.C.M.E. Audit proposes either to realise with you or for you internal audits (quality, regulations watching, FRMS deployment), or to prepare with you external audits (relationship with civil aviation authorities), based or not on its analysis tools.

Organization Audit
Regulations Knowledge Personal Audit

Regulations Watch
and External Audit Assistance


A.C.M.E. Audit gives you assistance in the monitoring of regulations evolutions, and in the realisation of any external and internal audits.

Regulations Watch
Assistance to external Audit
Impact of regulations evolutions

Software Bringing into Operations


A.C.M.E. Audit helps you to choose a crew management software, and to bring it into operations.

Bringing into Operations Assistance