Why did we call our Company A.C.M.E.?


Acmé, the word comes from ancient Greek "akmé" which means summit. The definition given by the Larousse dictionnary describes the highest level reached by an art, a civilisation, a doctrine, etc..., in its development. At theater, the word is used as the culminating point of a play.

But ACME is also the name of a fiction Company born in the cartoon universe, then in motion pictures. The name was borrowed from Dorothy Jones who decided it was convenient for all those start-up companies fighting to make a name for themselves in their respective areas.

The Company's activity is never clearly defined, but it appears as a conglomerate capable to make anything and provide with any kind of service, whatever its nonsense or useful purpose is. ACME, as an acronym, received several different meanings: American Company Making Everything or, for others, A Company that Makes Everything, or else Another Company Making Everything.

Airlines Crew Management was describing the basis of our activity and provided with the acronym ACM. Then adding the E for Expertise, relationship with the highest level of an art and the idea of a start-up fighting for its name, and the wink to the cartoon universe, we got our name!